When it comes to shopping for a used SUV, there are a number of benefits — one of them being to save money. We want you to know there is more to a preowned SUV than just savings. Here are just a few:  

1.One smart reasons to consider a used SUV is minimized depreciation. Most new vehicles usually depreciate anywhere up to 20 percent once they leave the lot. They also typically depreciate another 10 percent in the first year of ownership. For example, you purchase a new SUV that's priced at $45,000, that vehicle will lose roughly $13,500 in value in that first year. If you purchase a used SUV, you can avoid this deprecation loss.  
2. Another reason to purchase a used SUV is to save on insurance. Typically, the cost of insurance for a brand new vehicle is much higher than if you were to buy a used vehicle. However, other factors contribute to your insurance fees as well.
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