Should you buy a minivan or SUV for your family? well, that really depends on you and your family. Where are you going? What do you need to bring? Both of these vehicles have a lot to offer, whether you’re doing errands or going on a family road trip. What’s the difference? MINIVAN LIFE The minivan still reigns supreme as the ultimate family vehicle. With three spacious rows of passenger space, everyone gets the head and leg room they want for a comfortable trip. Minivans have the ability to give you adult-friendly third-row seating, which you can’t always find in an SUV. Additionally, minivans actually offer the most cargo space.. Minivans provide smooth, comfortable rides, but they lack the power you get from an SUV, which means they can also provide enhanced fuel economy. SUV ADVENTURE The anti-soccer mom vehicle this style vehicle is for the adventurous. To have family-friendly seating with off-road adventure, shop for a three-row SUV with four-wheel drive. This car is great in the sand, snow, or mud – so you can venture off road in style. SUVs are home to larger powertrains, giving you the power to tow your boat or motorcycles wherever you go and higher tow ratings than their minivan competitors. BUYER’S CHOICE When spaciousness is high on your wish list, test-drive a few minivans. You’ll find that these models also provide a plenty room and are very stylish these days. If you prefer to explore the off-road and bring your family camper along on vacations, you would probably prefer an SUV. In the end, deciding between a minivan and SUV comes down to your personal preferences. The good news for you is TJ Motors has plenty of makes and models in stock. Explore our inventory now! If you have questions at any time call TJ Motors in New London CT at 860.442.6301